JGoodwinJunko N. Goodwin, Managing Director

Junko graduated from Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, Colorado. After returning to Japan, she worked as an English instructor and was involved in the planning, managing, and interpretation for international conferences.

Junko established Across Ltd. in 2005, and managed and taught at English school for 10 years. Junko moved to the United States in July 2014, and founded Global Kids Education Ltd. in 2015.



Due to the world’s rapid globalization, we learn, work, and live together with people of all backgrounds. In such a society, in order to build a rich and fulfilling life it is important for youth to get out of their home country and experience different cultures and customs. They can learn language, as well as gain new perspectives, flexibility, the ability to make fair judgments, and cultivate leadership skills.

American education focuses on qualities in children, such as knowing how to communicate, having strong character, being adaptable, and having a strong sense of empathy and self- control. These are all qualities that children will need to be ready for their future. In addition, America attracts people from all over the world, including international students. Participants can experience the diverse culture and interact with people with different backgrounds and beliefs.

What I saw, felt, and learned from people I met in America have changed my life. I found my direction, who I want to be, and how to make difference.

I hope that more people from Japan and other Asian countries will have the chance to experience America and its education.