About Colorado


Colorado is located in the Midwestern region of the United States and with the Rocky Mountains going through the state from north to south. The average elevation of the entire state is the highest in the nation. The capital, Denver, is also known as the Mile High City (1600 m above sea level).

<State Capital – Denver>

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Against the background of the nature and the majestic Rocky Mountains, many historic buildings remain in the center of the city, as well as modern buildings. Denver is known as the “Silicon Mountain” as high-tech industry is thriving. In the past 10 years, the population growth rate has become one of the top ten cities in the US.


There are many popular restaurants with the motto of “local production for local consumption” with high health-conscious menus. You can enjoy the stylish American interior, while you enjoy the food.

<Sport & Activities>

 Blessed with a climate and natural environment, outdoor sports and activities such as skiing, skating, cross-country skiing, fishing, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, camping, bike touring, river rafting, horseback riding are a thriving. There are also all four major National professional sports teams, baseball, football, basketball, and ice hockey; you can enjoy watching sports year round.

< Climate>

 Colorado boasts an annual sunshine of 300 days. The average temperature in the summer is 29 degrees Celsius with low humidity and long daylight hours. The average temperature is -6.1 degrees in the coldest season of the winter in January. Even if it snows, in urban areas, the snow does not stay on the ground for long. Spring and autumn are short and the difference between the morning and evening temperature is large.


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